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On 03/01/2014 01:51 AM, Florian Cramer wrote:
> This is estimate is based on our ongoing research on this issue since 
> 2009 when we organized a first conference on electronic book 
> publishing at Willem de Kooning Academy ("print/pixel"). It has simply 
> been an issue of market demand and supply, complete lack of respective 
> training in graphic and media design programs (with one exception of a 
> trimester project at Piet Zwart Institute in 2010) and a frequent 
> rejection of epub by designers because of its design limitations.

and a workshop at the Sandberg in 2012

> The epubs on the market today have, in most cases, not been designed 
> by graphic or media designers, but either by documenting engineering 
> companies who specialize in semi-automated document format conversion 
> (i.e. turning publisher's Word or InDesign files into generic plain 
> text ePubs) or - and here comes the interesting economic bit - by 
> outsourced service providers in India.

Curious to ask you Florian if you see the need for print design and web 
design to be separated anymore given that html is fast becoming the base 
file format for both, css is becoming the design language of both, and 
'print ready' PDF renderers are also starting to support JS  eg 

Also, interested in your thoughts on the html engine (esp webkit) and 
its role here. Since epub is often rendered by webkit in ereaders (eg 
ipad ibook reader but also many other apps), it is also often used for 
rendering webpages (chrome, safari etc) and it is increasingly used to 
render PDF for printing books (eg BookJS). Is it a new kind of 
re-flowable typesetting machine?

some posts I wrote on this topic for those that wish to know more about 
the technologies I'm referring to:


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