[-empyre-] Conclusion to February - HYBRID BOOKWORK - Many Thanks!

Michael Dieter M.J.Dieter at uva.nl
Mon Mar 3 04:21:10 EST 2014

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I'm obliged to bring the Hybrid Bookwork topic to a
close, since we're already moving into well into March.

First of all, I want to give many thanks to all the guests and
contributors: David M. Berry, Mercedes Bunz, Florian Cramer, Angela
Genusa, Lukas Jost Gross, Alessandro Ludovico, Silvio Lorusso, Soren
Pold, Domenico Quaranta, Rita Raley and Benjamin Shaykin, along with
Adam Hyde, Mathias Fuchs and Johannes Birringer for adding their two
cents! As I mentioned back at the introduction, it's increasingly
difficult to find the time to run these sorts of discussions, despite
how rewarding and useful they can be, especially given all the other
demands on our info-attention, whether that's simply the web, Twitter,
Facebook or whatever other social media platform or app, so I really
appreciate the time people took to contribute and respond to these old
school emails.

I also want to remind everyone that there will also be an edited EPUB
version of the discussion available as a portable archive; indeed, a
website in a box - so keep an eye out for that, we'll try our best to
promote the download in all the usual places!

Secondly, it's been a wonderful discussion, and really productive the
past few days, so much so, that I want to invite people to continue
with this topic on Fibreculture Digital Publishing list. This is a new
list that's been set up by Geert Lovink, Andrew Murphie, Mat Wall
Smith and the rest of the Fibreculture team last December. You can
sign on here: http://fibreculturejournal.org/mailman/listinfo/dpub_fibreculturejournal.org

I'm sure that people are reluctant to subscribe to another email list
these days, but I do feel that there's a lot to discuss regarding some
of these more practical, technical, aesthetic and critical issues when
it comes to digital publishing, so please consider migrating the
discussion over. We haven't really settled this EPUB versus HTML
debate after all (although I'm not sure there's gonna be an obvious
conclusion there for now)!

Thirdly, there's some upcoming events I'd like to plug before finally
signing off:

Digital Publishing Toolkit Conference
22-23 MAY, 2014
Rotterdam, Netherlands

This is being organized by the RAAK-MKB team, basically led by the
Institute of Network Cultures and Creating 010, along with a
consortium of companies consisting of publishers, designers and
developers. Florian and Silvio are involved with the program, and it
will include a number of panels with international speakers and an art
program that Silvio's putting together. The event is as yet untitled,
and official list of participants has not been released, but perhaps
Florian and Silvio can give a bit of a preview. In any case, I'm
certainly looking forward to this, it will be worth attended if you're
in this part of the world around that time. Otherwise, I believe all
talks will be recorded and available digitally as well. Keep checking
Digital Publishing Toolkit website for more info.

Post-Digital Scholar Conference
12-14 NOVEMBER, 2014
Lüneburg, Germany

Secondly, Mercedes, myself and the rest of our Hybrid Publishing team
have begun planning another conference to follow later in the year
from the 12th to 14th of November in Leuphana, Lüneburg. It will also
be a major international event under the title of post-digital scholar
with invited speakers on a range of topics including open access,
design, software tools, critical media practice and sustainable models
for publishing. So save the date and keep an eye on the Hybrid
Publishing blog: http://hybridpublishing.org/

And finally, I want to give many thanks to the -empyre- team - Renate
Ferro, Tim Murray, Simon Biggs and Patrick Lichty - for having me, and
to all subscribers for reading!

Over and out,

Michael Dieter
Media Studies
The University of Amsterdam
Turfdraagsterpad 9
1012 XT Amsterdam

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