[-empyre-] The Playsthetics of Experimental Digital Games: Week 1 Featured Guests and Questions

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Week 1 (March 3-9): Bart Simon, mrghosty, Felan Parker.

I would like to introduce the first three guests of this discussion, Bart Simon, mrghosty and Felan Parker.

Questions of the week: Experimental games - tensions

1.     Is the conceptual category of 'experimental games' a productive category of analysis? What are some inherent assumptions, biases, challenges?

2.     What are some fruitful ways to think about experimental games in the context of problematic and already problematized institutional understandings of experimental and avant-garde art/practice?

3.     How are experimental digital games troubling mainstream games culture and/or game studies scholarship?

4.     What are some intersections between experimental digital games, indie games and art/digital media art?

Bart Simon (CA) is the current director of the Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) and Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal. His areas of expertise include game studies, science and technology studies and cultural sociology. His game studies research crosses a variety of genres, platforms and modalities looking at the relation of game cultures, socio-materiality and everyday life. Some of his work is represented in journals such as Games and Culture, Game Studies and Loading. His current research on social imagination and gameplay and cultural economies of the indie game scene are funded by the Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada and the Canadian network on New Media, Animation and Games (GRAND NCE).

mrghosty (aka skot deeming) (CA) is an artist, curator, researcher and doctoral student in Concordia University's Individualized Program in the Humanities. As a key figure in the Canadian video game art scene, and a researcher at Concordia's Amplab, andTAGlab, skot draws upon a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge while investigating the intersections between gamer cultures, hacker cultures and new media art practices.

Felan Parker (CA) is a PhD candidate (ABD) in Communication & Culture at York University in Toronto, specializing in digital game studies and cinema and media studies. He holds an MA and BA Hon. in Film Studies from Carleton University. His dissertation examines the cultural legitimation of digital games as art in a variety of different contexts, and other research interests include transmedia franchises, genre, authorship, paratexts, and canon formation.

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