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hmm -- I sent something in to get started but it didn't appear (its been 
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On 3/3/2014 11:30 PM, Sandra Danilovic wrote:
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> Week 1 (March 3-9): Bart Simon, mrghosty, Felan Parker.
> I would like to introduce the first three guests of this discussion, 
> Bart Simon, mrghosty and Felan Parker.
> Questions of the week: Experimental games - tensions
> 1.     Is the conceptual category of 'experimental games' a productive 
> category of analysis? What are some inherent assumptions, biases, 
> challenges?
> 2.     What are some fruitful ways to think about experimental games 
> in the context of problematic and already problematized institutional 
> understandings of experimental and avant-garde art/practice?
> 3.     How are experimental digital games troubling mainstream games 
> culture and/or game studies scholarship?
> 4.     What are some intersections between experimental digital games, 
> indie games and art/digital media art?
> Bart Simon (CA) is the current director of the Centre for 
> Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) and Associate Professor in the 
> Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University in 
> Montreal. His areas of expertise include game studies, science and 
> technology studies and cultural sociology. His game studies research 
> crosses a variety of genres, platforms and modalities looking at the 
> relation of game cultures, socio-materiality and everyday life. Some 
> of his work is represented in journals such as Games and Culture, Game 
> Studies and Loading. His current research on social imagination and 
> gameplay and cultural economies of the indie game scene are funded by 
> the Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada and the Canadian 
> network on New Media, Animation and Games (GRAND NCE).
> mrghosty (aka skot deeming) (CA) is an artist, curator, researcher and 
> doctoral student in Concordia University's Individualized Program in 
> the Humanities. As a key figure in the Canadian video game art scene, 
> and a researcher at Concordia's Amplab, andTAGlab, skot draws upon a 
> wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge while 
> investigating the intersections between gamer cultures, hacker 
> cultures and new media art practices.
> Felan Parker (CA) is a PhD candidate (ABD) in Communication & Culture 
> at York University in Toronto, specializing in digital game studies 
> and cinema and media studies. He holds an MA and BA Hon. in Film 
> Studies from Carleton University. His dissertation examines the 
> cultural legitimation of digital games as art in a variety of 
> different contexts, and other research interests include transmedia 
> franchises, genre, authorship, paratexts, and canon formation.
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Bart Simon, Associate Professor of Sociology
Director, Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG)
Concordia University, Montreal

bart.simon [at] concordia.ca

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