[-empyre-] Week 3: Playsthetics of Experimental Digital Games: subtopics and questions of the week

Sandra Danilovic s.danilovic at mail.utoronto.ca
Tue Mar 18 10:51:50 EST 2014

Dear All,

I invite our Week 3 featured guests to dive into below questions, reframe them and experiment with them in the spirit of this exploratory discussion on experimental games. I am also hoping that we can continue the conversation Emma and Lynn started on game jams and Emma's "game sketches"!
Week 3 (March 17-23): Emma Westecott, Alison Harvey, Peter Coppin. Experimental games as politico-personal, strategic and inclusive spaces, tools, and platforms.

1.     How do experimental games relate to DIY game authorship and feminist/queer spaces of production?
2.     How are experimental games or experimentation with games troubling mainstream games culture and/or game studies scholarship?
3.     How can we put pressure on theories of representation and/or simulation using experimental games, game jams, etc. as interventionist tools?
4.     How do we relate experimental games to accessibility and inclusive game design frameworks?
5.     How do we relate experimental games to democratization of game design?


Sandra Danilovic, BFA, MA, SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

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