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Welcome to Alan Sondheim and Johannes Birringer for organizing our
November m monthly topics. They will be posting their Introductory
posts shortly on the topic for this month: ISIS, Absolute Terror,
Performance. Their biographies are below.

ALAN SONDHEIM is a Providence-based new media artist, musician, writer,
and performer. He's concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake
that the real world has in the virtual. He has worked with his partner,
Azure Carter, and the performer/choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite. Sondheim
is interested in examining the grounds of the virtual and how the body is
inhabited. He performs in virtual, real, and cross-over worlds; his
virtual work is known for its highly complex and mobile architectures. He
has used altered motion-capture technology extensively for examining and
creating new lexicons of behavior. He current work is centered around the
phenomenology of the terrorized, sexualized, or dying body. He can be
reached at sondheim >at< panix.com.

useful URLs -  webpage http://www.alansondheim.org (directory)
email archive http://sondheim.rupamsunyata.org/

Johannes Birringer is a choreographer and artistic director of
AlienNation Co (www.aliennationcompany.com), and co-founder of a
telematic performance collective (ADaPT).  He has directed numerous
multimedia theatre, dance, and digital performances in Europe, the
Americas, Japan and China; collaborated on site-specific
installations, and exhibited work at film and video festivals. Author
of Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism (1991), Media and Performance
(1998), Performance on the Edge (2000), Performance, Technology and
Science (2009). Founder of Interaktionslabor
(http://interaktionslabor.de), and co-director of DAP-Lab, Brunel
University (London), where he is Professor of Performance


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