[-empyre-] Introducing Erik Ehn

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Nov 4 08:36:28 EST 2014

On Mon, 3 Nov 2014, Erik Ehn wrote:

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(for some reason, I can't quote directly here)

The technocrats of light, I keep thinking of scorched, of scorching, of 
the annihilation of language, body, history, past reduced to a telling and 
invention by others. The past was never the present, never translates; 
"what I remember" for example of the "Vietnam era" is just that - 
quotations. All the way back, Sartre in Imagination described the image as 
imaginary in both senses, that it's a presence/construct. But that 
requires someone to do the constructing. I think of Barrett's post as well 
- if there are images that literally block or destroy by their vehemence 
- or better yet, experiences that produce post traumatic stress syndrome 
where, among other things, the mind keeps tunneling inescapably around the 
same moments of anguish - what then? (What if contemplation is 

- Alana

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