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Jon McKenzie jvmckenzie at wisc.edu
Tue Nov 4 16:37:05 EST 2014

Among the tragic-prop scenes I hope to entertain in the daze ahead—

the society of the spectacle of the scaffold

hypergraphé across jagged scales

homo sacre data bodies

global feeling



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On Nov 3, 2014, at 9:01 AM, James Barrett <jim.barrett at umu.se> wrote:

> So how does one fight this vast image of terror? That is a question I would like to see dealt with, among others, in the month ahead on empyre. How does one comprehend such pitiless acts of barbarism as public decapitation when they are combined with the amatuer YouTube asethetic and a resounding chorus of theocratic manipulation as audio and editing and are available online 24/7 from pole to pole?

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