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You know, I've been wondering about this: since the Taliban blew up the 
Buddhas and then with the destruction of the domed mosques and 
manuscripts in Mali and environs, and now this.

I wonder if there shouldn't be an emergency scanning fund that would 
help pay for capture of threatened built heritage. Maybe some kind of 
Unesco thing.

On 2014-11-04 03:43 PM, Alan Sondheim wrote:
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> Yes, I think, it can be lost, erased, this is the heart of anguish -
> "BAGHDAD: Islamic State militants have executed 85 more members of the 
> AlbuNimr tribe in Iraq in a mass killing campaign launched last week 
> in retaliation for resistance to the group's territorial advances, a 
> tribal leader and security official said on Saturday.
> Sheikh Naeem al-Ga'oud, one of the tribe's leaders, told Reuters that 
> Islamic State killed 50 displaced members of Albu Nimr on Friday. In a 
> separate incident, a security official said 35 bodies were found in a 
> mass grave."
> "Nearly a thousand years old the first of its kind in Iraq, according 
> to Archnet, and one of the last six standing, according to Iraq 
> Heritage the distinctive muqarnas-domed mausoleum is now a statistic. 
> The tomb of Shia Uqaylid amir Sharaf ad-Dawla Muslim is one of a 
> number of sites that have been destroyed recently. Preceded by the 
> Shrine of Arbaeen Wali (for 40 martyrs in the Islamic conquest of 
> Tikrit) and the Syrian Orthodox Green Church of Mar Ahudama in late 
> September, followed by the Yezidi Shrine of Mem Rean (Meme Reshan) in 
> late October, the Mausoleum of Imam al-Daur was destroyed by the 
> Islamic State on October 23."
> And then what is there? anthropologists? archeologists? dust?
> - Alan
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