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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Nov 6 01:12:57 EST 2014

[Alan schreibt]
"Nearly a thousand years old the first of its kind in Iraq, according to
Archnet, and one of the last six standing, according to Iraq Heritage the
distinctive muqarnas-domed mausoleum is now a statistic. The tomb of Shia
Uqaylid amir Sharaf ad-Dawla Muslim is one of a number of sites that have
been destroyed recently. Preceded by the Shrine of Arbaeen Wali (for 40
martyrs in the Islamic conquest of Tikrit) and the Syrian Orthodox Green
Church of Mar Ahudama in late September, followed by the Yezidi Shrine of
Mem Rean (Meme Reshan) in late October, the Mausoleum of Imam al-Daur was
destroyed by the Islamic State on October 23."

And then what is there? anthropologists? archeologists? dust?

precisely, what my hopes (for/of remembrance and the necessity thereof) that I was asked to grow up with
in Germany after WW I and the Holocaust were imagining, that forgetting is not easy or impossible, and
aided – in the repressions and its counters –  in many ways, by yes, anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, story tellers,
detectives, teachers, performance artists, photographers, doctors, workers, collectors, mothers of the disappeared
and of the rubble dust (Trümmerfrauen). 


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