[-empyre-] language, reporting the virtually true and Olda Danylyuk's post

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 6 04:14:39 EST 2014

On Wed, 5 Nov 2014, Erik Ehn wrote:

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(I try to quote you, but your text comes across as an html attachment for 
some reason and I can't, at least not in a text-based editor. However. -)

A question in regard to the plays - What is the effect on the actors 
themselves, what do they take away? Is activism an issue? Can there even 
be activism 'around' terror? What would that be?

But with the plays and actors, what happens internally? I remember at 
times students reduced to immobility at times...

And Olga, I have two questions:

Is there any way you can relate your work to ISIS and annihilation; does 
it relate? I'm thinking that the form of ISIS and many other groups is 
close to formless; on one hand, a caliphate, and on the other, a kind of 
formless and violent vandalism. The second question: Did the soldiers ever 
question, speak of resistance? During the Vietnam War, US military 
personnel became increasingly demoralized, and there was such. (Apologies 
for my naivete here.)

Thank you both greatly, Alan

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