[-empyre-] first intervention from my part

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 6 08:31:42 EST 2014

On Wed, 5 Nov 2014, Pia Holenstein wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
*/again text  unquotable, apologies/*

Perhaps there is only the wall of death, up against the
border of Lyotard's differend? To return is to be ignorant
of annihilation? Anguish then seethes at the wall?

Decades ago, many decades ago, I was in Israel and we were
shot at; I felt nothing. The bullets were exhausted, dropped
before they reached us. I can only claim the status of a
witness, of what? An image, nothing of the body, nothing of

Perhaps everyone who is alive, arrives late at the scene?
Then perhaps there is no scene at all, scorched earth
dissolving every vestige of anything but dust.

Did you dream of these things? I have nightmares (for no
reason at all).

Thank you, Alan

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