[-empyre-] speed of the list

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 8 05:48:03 EST 2014

Hi - Just want to say that I think the 'speed of the list' is just right; 
I had someone complain that it was too slow. I see it more of a 
conversation or seminar, than a series of texts, although it can be that 
too. My own feeling is just to let things flow, as they are, as people 
desire to post or respond. I do worry about the odd posts that either 
need moderator's approval, or come through garbled, or not at all. Someone 
pointout out that gmail can be set for straight-forward text, but it wraps 
at 78 characters; still, that might eliminate some of the problems.

Thanks, Alan

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