[-empyre-] the horror, the horror

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Sat Nov 8 06:40:04 EST 2014

On 08/11/14 05:17, Alicia Migdal wrote:
> con su apariencia de espontaneidad sucia.
dirty translates 'sucia' but also 'obscene'. Perhaps it ties in with 
Alan's 'abject'? (The obscene community of witnesses and victims, bound 
together all of a sudden into 'you and I', we, when what happened happens.)

A connection may also be made to Hiroshima's Ground Zero - I visited 
recently. A pilgrimage. A phrase from the Peace Museum (that 'peace' 
should be memorialised) stayed with me: an A bomb is not a natural way 
to die; unlike a typhoon.

We, my family and I, were chased up the Seto sea by a typhoon. We ran 
but the locals we talked to smiled when we asked about the risk. They 
seemed to acknowledge with their smiles that a typhoon is a natural way 
to die.

Another wall at the Peace Museum answers the question we took with us: 
What is it about the A bomb that is unnatural?

I can't remember it exactly. It was a haiku, on the wall behind the 
wrist-watch with its hands frozen at 8.15am, something like: In the 
bamboo grove I watch dragonflies flit, when ... In the space of a comma, 
I imagine the "dirty spontaneity" of the explosion.


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