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Sat Nov 8 06:50:54 EST 2014

On 08/11/14 04:48, Reinhold Görling wrote:
> this lasting impact of violence is exactly the denial of recognition 
> and the lack of mediation that is in the core of the theatricality of 
> violence. Violence aims to produce an image of negation that occupies 
> the victim, that colonizes the space of its subjectivity. (Isn’t 
> subjectivity first of all a free space to relate images, thoughts, 
> emotions, memories of being affected in an always and continuously new 
> way, to dramatize
Does violence at its core possess a theatricality which lacks mediation? 
Perhaps it places the victim - and the victim of its images - at its 
core. Where there is - and the 'there is' would constitute the moment of 
action taking place in its 'theatricality' - a negation that occupies 
the victim... by overcoming the individual?

The mediation is the impossible act of the subject, impossible to 
perform. Is this why it is lacking?

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