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For me the sheer concept of patriotism is weird, foreign. Every
country of the world is a construction, a border made up politically
for economical and territorial needs of the states but not for the
peoples. The people don't want borders or barriars or walls stopping
us and demanding from us passports and identifications.
I am a great fan of the Italian-Austrian writer Claudio Magris, born
in Trieste, a border city. In his extraordinary novel, the Donau (or
Danube), he writes with nostalgy about the time everyone in big parts
of Europe could travel around without showing any piece of paper, it
was the time of the Austrian-Hungarian empire.
It was the same with the Ottoman empire.
And now, Europe and the countries who signed the Shengen protocol,
want the same. But we have perverted the borders or the idea of
borderless and we are erecting walls of shame and separation
everywhere. I was in Tanger, Ceuta and Melilla and saw the terrible
walls Fortress Europe keep against Africa. And I has been so many
times in Palestine and saw the wall grow. The US has a long wall
against Mexico, build with Israeli technology and the wors of all is
in the Sahara, where Marocco keep several millions of Saharaui as
refugees in their own lands.

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> The current events in my home country Ukraine is a good case study of patriotism. The anti terrorist campaign in the eastern Ukraine that followed the Maidan protests and change of power has an unprecedented support of Ukrainian population: children sending their drawings to the soldiers, population donate money to equip the Amy, number of the volunteer's units fighting against separatists. Men dropped their everyday jobs and went to protect the unity of the country. You are out of frame if you are not a patriot in Ukraine nowadays. I keep asking if it was possible to avoid civil war, yet there is a strong opinion that there is ' no other way'. Soldiers coming back from the front are treated with the ovation in their home towns: chanting Heroes!Heroes!, people even kneel before soldiers. The other watch this on TV with the tears in their eyes. Western democracies firmly support Ukrainian right to protect it's territory.USA is the main ally of Ukraine in the fight against Russia. It is turning into war by proxy, in my opinion, the standoff between America and Russia. This is the second wave of radicalised patriotism in Ukraine since its independence. This is also this phenomenon of Cossackdom, the revival of the cossack's traditions, extremely romanticide view of history. Due to their charismatic appearance cossacks became the iconic national image of Ukraine. There are several youth organisations that train and educate youth in the spirit of the cossack's  ethos. It is taken very seriously. For my project Serious Games I visited the organisation of Cossacks Martial Arts. I filmed their stunts on horses 30 C heat in the field last summer. On the top of this there are Don cossacks in Russia, that are fighting on the side of Ukrainian separatists, while Zaporozian ( Ukrainian) cossacks fight on the side of pro-government forces. It a serious game indeed.
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