[-empyre-] concerning violence, and more Antigone's bones

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Nov 10 07:50:11 EST 2014

so much now has been brought to the round, and thanks to all those who wrote on the weekend, after having been  busy at some points during the week or traveling (like Pia, Olga, and Heiner);  my not so very good idea to slow down
was actually a personal reflection, I was admitting aloud that sometimes in such online discussions the beautiful asynchronicity of the writings  -  as we try to follow, and respond, or elaborate and push forward our our train of thought, as well as our reaction to events that happen, interrupt us, still us, move us – makes me lose the thread, your thread, for in-depth response  I crave to give, to everyone here.  I went to a "networked bodies" (digital performance) event earlier
today (where I saw strange visions of future bodies....)  and now will read all the letters of all week again tonight.  back tomorrow,


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