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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Wed Nov 12 05:34:54 EST 2014

dear all:

I went back to yesterday, to Jon opening the week with his evocation of a "neutral" contemplator (as an impossibility) in a global compressed space where
"absolute terror is both unprecedented and yet everyday, as it connects to the slow terror of economic, environmental, and cultural progress-gone-awry",  where
theatricality is similar to forced performance ("all techniques, performances, experiences are generated via practice, repetition, alternation, fine-tuning, etc. that is, are emergent via graphe")
in a tele-pathic and hypergraphic  world society of the scaffold.

Jon's indictment is very acute and devastating, and he provokes us to think how to be under this condition, one where we are forced to "grapple with the emergence and dissolution of individuals and lifeworlds near and far, and to struggle with one’s own performances as victim, perp, and witness."

Please can we discuss?

And take further inspiration, even if with heavy breath, from Andreas'  poem, one of despair about the "circularity of violence", legitimate, spectacularized, read/written about (here too), mailed, everywhere /nowhere?  and why do we mention this violence and this trauma and not that?  What is lawful, and how are we here "self-legitimizing?" .  Yes, I accept this critique. 

Please can we discuss?

(And Andreas,  I just found out about your new book, SPATIAL JUSTICE -  Body  Lawscape  Atmosphere  (Routledge  November 2014), to be launched. Are you arguing that "spatial justice is the struggle of various bodies – human, natural, non-organic, technological – to occupy a certain space at a certain time...."   and thus would we not also struggle here, internet-forum of discussion, to justify a dialog space? 

 -    -     -   

As we have a widening group of participants, I do hope that every one feels it's all right to also speak from their own practice, or place of thinking.  

Reinhold, you have written on film, but you surprised me saying, in a letter to me,  that you are interested in my dance work - how did you shift focus from mise en scène of filmic violence to play, time, movement?

Mine -- you ran these very remarkable live exchange workshops in villages in Turkey, can you tell us more about your poetics, and your use, as you say, of "destan", which I understand to mean a narrative form of poetry where subject matter is taken from legend and history?

Yoko -- you have performed (following Jon's line of thought) in specific sites, but also in telepresence, imagining perhaps being virtually in two places or in/as two bodies, literally in fact performing "the metasisizing of graphic media", a blur that may not have been violent (or intended as a theatrical violence) but is an experiment with the/your data body?

Can we hear more from your performance work please?

Pier Marton, so good to have you here,  and you speak of twenty years of making video art and exploring political subjects and self-reflexivity. Perhaps we can also address alternate media practice this week, or think about what you suggest: < subtlety and non-violent media take too much time> and <good news barely exists>?   

Please can we discuss?

Johannes Birringer


[Monday, November 10, 2014 9:38 PM]

thank you, Jon, and Andreas, for these powerful manifestations you sent today.
And actually, I had meant to ask about "Acephale", after you made me search for the image of the figure without head in the place of the head), Jon......

Yes, pictographics are welcome here on this roundtable......

The text by Andreas was preceded by a strong image -- may I ask whether this is from the exhibition you created last year: "The Iron Books : Poems of the Posthuman"  (July 2013, The Gasoline Rooms) ?


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