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William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 21:27:03 EST 2014

Hello All. I just wanted to say I’m really glad I joinedthis listserv. Every time I read the posts I come away with ideas that newly addresscurrent societal ills—things that have to be dealt with simply to improve ourhistorical record. This is my first de-lurk, so I should probably say that myown record bases itself or tries to on literary criticism and theory. I have apersonal poetry blog which usually comes up in web searches on my name. Recentviews here on silence and performance, on terrorism in so many differentguises, on warfare, have brought to mind Engels & Marx’s thoughts onpermanent revolution. You can take revolution to mean process, since any changeis eventually going to get re-changed so to speak. That in a nutshell is muchof what I like about the recent discussions I’ve read. One thing I didn’t agreewith, though I agree with what Murat was saying about it, is terrorism as a1970s coinage. I mean, I agree that the word can be considered a recent meme ifmeme is the word here. But the word itself goes back to 1795 in English.Obviously the action itself comes into many languages much earlier….. Thisseemed worth bringing up. But mostly, I wanted to say thanks to all for thegreat ideas. Looking forward to more! Salud, William
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