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and of course there's a news blackout, or so it would appear, on the 
Ferguson verdict.
and yes, your Brooklyn performance was sublime.

On 11/15/14 6:07 AM, Alan Sondheim wrote:
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> I won't keep sending these out. Last night I couldn't sleep, worked 
> over again the times I was beat up or hit or bullied in my life. Then 
> this, I keep going over the same ground repeatedly:
> ISIS uses beheadings, other violent acts to crush civilians, UN report 
> says Newsday - .5 hours ago. UNITED NATIONS -- Beheadings, stonings 
> and mutilation are common weapons of terror employed by the Islamic 
> State in its campaign to subdue civilian populations that have come 
> under its control in Syria, according to a UN monitoring group. 
> Islamic State sets sights on Saudi ArabiaBBC News New UN report shows 
> "relentless assault" on civilians in ISIL-controlled SyriaXinhua. Hong 
> Kong student leaders blocked from taking democracy fight to Beijing 
> Reuters - .1 hour ago. 1 of 3. Hong Kong Federation of Students leader 
> Alex Chow (C), committee members Nathan Law (L) and Eason Chung react 
> after being refused to board the plane at the Hong Kong International 
> Airport November 15, 2014. Nigeria insurgents retake village of 
> abducted schoolgirlsReuters Africa Boko Haram seizes town kidnapped 
> girls are fromSydney Morning Herald
> - And this same ground repeats itself, day after day, night after 
> night, no longer events or news, so much as a background of horror. 
> Then what? A serious question: How can art, art performance, 
> performance, heal, help one make it through the day, inspire one, 
> against this background of continuous performance, where everything, 
> lives, cultures, languages, are at stake? We watch other species 
> world-wide going extinct (the rate is something like several an hour), 
> we find ourselves on the verge of a planet so violated that the 
> environment (cultural, global) might well collapse (yes, into 
> something else) within the century, and we perform? Three nights ago, 
> we did just that, perform from our last two cds at a place in 
> Brooklyn, and we were brilliant for that moment, then the horrors take 
> over again. (Personally I don't think ego plays a role in this, and 
> personally as well, Buddhism has failed me, or vice versa.) I won't 
> post more headlines like these again, and apologies for doing so; this 
> is the raw world, perhaps at its worst.
> - Alan
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