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With the St. Louis International Film Festival having started - two films about the death of cinema (Uzumasa Limelight & The Congress), in principle worthwhile but I had to walk out… BUT a masterpiece by Volker Schlöndorff, “Diplomacy” (I will try to post a short review on my site)
I have been too busy to finish and post **two entries** - one on "Crises, Climaxes and Catharsis - To Wake Up The Dead," the other on “Violence of Normalcy/Centrality/Language/Culture/Understanding and Explanations."

As in “Like Men,“ my video piece on men and violence, the activist/writer John Stoltenberg states that the reasons for violence become excuses, I believe that the principle “violence as communication” is no help to me. 
I can easily interpret everything around me as communication (and I DO listen to trees, mountains, animals, no kidding).

It is good that art takes place in prisons, mental institutions, etc…but empowerment may start with any kind of listening - of paying attention to…
My two-cents.
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Pier Marton

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> David Byrne in How Music Works reminds us that violence can be a form of expression where there is powerlessness:
> "Roger Graef, who has written about the effectiveness of arts programs in UK prisons, believes that violence, like art, is actually a form of expression." ... "He claims that the remedy for violence is an agency that will defeat feelings of impotence. Historically, religion has successfully done this, and the rise of fundamentalism might be viewed as a reaction to increasing feelings of alienation and inconsequentiality around the world." 
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In addition to my regular e-mail signature below, this month of November (during my direct involvement with -empyre) I have added a growing list of works that I found to be powerful - even if I question what “power” means.
”The Theater and its Double” by Artaud
"Chechen Lullaby" - Directed by Nino Kirtadze —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEmqHZAn8lQ (also on my website)
"The Man by the Shore/L’Homme sur les Quais" & "Haïti, le Silence des Chiens” —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbu2HPvFn_E - Directed by Raoul Peck
Los Olvidados Directed by Luis Buñuel
“Is Anyone Taking Any Notice?” by Don McCullin —> http://piermarton.info/don-mccullin/
"Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution" by Peter Kropotkin
"War Against War/Krieg dem Kriege/Guerre à la Guerre! War against War! Oorlog aan den Oorlog" by Ernst Friedrich (recent intro by Doug Kellner) - Various editions. Last one published in Sept. 2014 (available online).
"At the Mind’s Limit" by Jean Améry
“Shoah” -  Directed by Claude Lanzmann
"In the King of Prussia" - Directed by Emile de Antonio
And these quotes: 
“Human stupidity is the only thing that gives an idea of the infinite/La bêtise humaine est la seule chose qui donne une idée de l'infini." Ernest Renan, Dialogues et fragments philosophiques (1876) (others & the Hungarian proverb: “Human stupidity is endless/Az emberi butaság végtelen")
“Shitr… Watch, watch the machine's turnin'. Watch, watch them brains blow up… vanish from my presence/Merdre... Voyez, voyez la machin’ tourner, Voyez, voyez la cervell’ sauter,...disparais de ma présence." Alfred Jarry, Ubu roi (1888)
“. . . only on the firm foundation of unyielding despair, can the soul’s habitation be safely built.” - Bertrand Russell, 1923
“If there is still one hellish, truly accursed thing in our time, it is our artistic dallying with forms, instead of being like victims burnt at the stake, signaling through the flames.” Artaud, The Theater and its Double, 1938
PM_uoʇɹɐɯ_ɹǝıd —> http://piermarton.info
School Of No  Media —> http://schoolofnomedia.com/
About —> http://about.me/piermarton 
BrainBleed—> http://brainbleed.wordpress.com/
Before you know what kindness really is – You must lose things... Naomi Shehab Nye 
True reality is always unrealistic. Franz Kafka
If you have come here to help me, then don't waste your time. But if you have come here, because your liberation is bound up with mine, then come, let us join in the struggle together. Australian Aborigine Activists
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Martin Luther King.
When you know nothing, you say a lot. When you know something, there is nothing to say./Tell them that there is nothing to understand. U.G. Krishnamurti
I used to think the mind was the most wonderful organ in the body. Then, I realized who was telling me that. Bertrand Russell
What the eye can perceive isn't worth seeing. St. Exupéry
and "to finish": 
The passionate desire to conclude is one of humanity's most pernicious and sterile manias - Flaubert
A witty saying proves nothing. Voltaire

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