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- reflecting last week's discussion, which started, in my recollection, with Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos stating he would not wish to be here, but wish to be nowhere.  His post examined the distinctions of violence, and violence as distinction.

I then asked him about his Iron Books (exhibition), and his just released book on Spatial Justice.  Andreas has not returned [yet], but I found one of the Iron Books / Poems of the Posthuman,  online


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the buoyant fighter

She was battling 
with the world just as
she was battling with herself.
A wall extended 
from one end of the horizon
to the other and
she kept bashing her head against it.
But then, one autumn evening, the wall
began waving like a seagull, soft and
bellowing and still vast. The wall had
turned into a white silent wing that was
lifting her up.

To fight is an act of angels.

-    -    -    -

Thank you much for this.

And thank you Yoko for your humor and sharp spirit and for telling us about your performances. I take these as tremendous encouragement.

As I have taken Mine's poetic meetings as encouragement, as mentoring, helping me to learn how to be a better host for groups who come together creatively, as she practiced it with the 
Leleg Institute Project in Bodrum, Turkey. When you were there, I had not yet left the environments I knew, but those one needs to leave too. I wanted to learn cooking for groups from you; talking outside under trees, listening to the drift.  destan of soil. 

Acéphale  [derived from the Greek ἀκέφαλος (akephalos, literally "headless")]  -- Jon pointing us in the direction of secret societies.  

Yesterday, Volkstrauertrag (stilling) in the land of my ancestors.  
a still day it was called.

Johannes Birringer

 ps: And as Alan Sondheim's music  encourages me, music  he sends out to the world all the time, in the hope someone might share, and listen. 

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