[-empyre-] creative powerlessness, expressive violence, performance

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 19:36:25 EST 2014

Well, once again a very thought provoking discussion forwhich I'm grateful. I wanted to say that powerlessnesscontains or holds power somewhere (far or near). Working (playing) performances, being aware of audience, isbound to touch on a lot of perspectives. I happened toread yesterday Walter Benjamin's two page essay "TheDestructive Character." This was my first look, and itstruck me that it might be of use to others. PersonallyI find in it a mysteriousness, a mystical--I don't know, itisn't easy to describe. I'm caught between wanting tosend a paragraph or a few lines or just the title. He 
uses the word Apollonian image. Then those last twolines. Well for what it's worth. Thanks again & bestwishes, William
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