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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 20 00:30:52 EST 2014

I want to echo Ana's post below; one statistic that came out two days ago 
- in the United States, one out of every thirty children will be homeless 
sometime in his or her life. In a country with such enormous wealth, there 
is so little distribution! But I do think there has to be some healing, 
not towards health, but at least towards the ability to sleep at night, to 
wake and function in the morning, and for many of us, this is lacking, the 
night is full of horrors, the day brings little relief. There has to be a 
balance, we have to at least tend towards that. (But the violence 
spreading now, for example Jerusalem, Egypt, I cannot imagine that, and 
how does one fight a conflagration, and is this conflagration our own, 
wherever we are?)

- Alan

On Wed, 19 Nov 2014, Ana Vald?s wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> Reading Monikas very powerful and intuitive statements and going back
> to what Alan and others wrote, something struck me: we talk a lot
> about healing, but suppose we don't need to be healed? I mean the idea
> of a healthy society is ludicrous, there is not a healthy society in
> the world.
> The Nordic countries, seen by many as paradise on earth, are the
> countries with the highest amount of suicides in the world (followed
> quite near by my own birth country Uruguay) and a kind of chronical
> depression.
> Is the US healthy? Of course not, a country ravaged by violence,
> random killings, with the highest carcelary population in the world
> and millions living in poverty, is not a healthy society.
> Maybe the ambition should be heal enough to be able to take care of
> others, I want live in a society where the poor and the voiceless are
> seen as equally worth, a real polyphonic society as Bachtin
> formulated, a society where all voices are worth to be heard.
> Ana

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