[-empyre-] Vor dem Gesetz/Before the Law, hoveringly

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 21 20:12:04 EST 2014

Brilliant thought provoking dis-cussion again, Empyrycysts.I think about different points on the law, the law as something that must beinterpreted, how the law rubs sapiens the wrong way and provokes art. The lawis art. Human activity in general is art according to Shelley and some others. Judges,politicians, are artists, newscasters, carpenters…….. I question what the Law(capitalizing just once) does if it (they?) runs out of money. What if thebankruptcy in such a hypothetical case were feigned? My thoughts turn to Kleeand other artists working on cardboard when other supports are unavailable. AndI think of the fact of people forced to create in prisons—Jafar Panahi,mentioned by Murat, perhaps not exactly creating inside a prison, but workingin the face of strict repressive regimes. What is to be done? In a sense stillalready the question/answer daily. In some poem would I ever bring K beforeHamlet? Before Ophelia? Perhaps these are only tiresome pipe dreams but at themoment they offer a way of keeping myself from what I think is a mistake, whichis to think that nothing works anymore. Which would be dis-respectful to Kleeto say the very least. Salud, William

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