[-empyre-] Vor dem Gesetz/Before the Law, hoveringly

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Sat Nov 22 00:56:33 EST 2014

dear Ana
ah, maybe I misunderstood you, as you argued that societies are fundamentally unhealthy:

[Ana schreibt]
we talk a lot about healing, but suppose we don't need to be healed? I mean the idea of a healthy society is ludicrous, there is not a healthy society in
the world.

and if that were the case, you'd be confirming the bleak outlook or nihilistic overview that Alan enumerated insistingly earlier this morning, and your hope,
which you do express, against the odds, perhaps in sync with the artistic work and cultural production & critical education foregrounded by Monika Weiss and
Christina Spiesel, namely to "live in a real polyphonic society"  - what of this hope?  Alan, I hear your despair and it weighs heavily, and yet you spoke out, at that
lecture or presentation you gave on Wednesday, and so did Andreas when he addressed the law on either side of a wall in Jerusalem, and this speaking
out is what Christina meant I think.  I can''t manage to ponder the angels now (William must have Klee's/Benjamin Angel of History in mind who flies high,
backwards, looking at the horror piled up, and yes, Alan, that horror grows and historically, how do you compare what cannot be forgotten or must be forgotten and
ought not be forgotten?

Johannes Birringer

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