[-empyre-] Vor dem Gesetz, was geschehen ist

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Sat Nov 22 10:03:43 EST 2014

a note:
Kafka asks what if the Law, in its timely (l)iteration, were Justice, in 
its untimely (ethico-aesthetic - or ethological) imagination?
the playwright, Howard Barker, follows, with an oeuvre imagining first 
freedom as a political telos and topos and then finding in the image of 
justice an adequacy freedom lacks.
I think about the untimely of poetics and timely politics, wherewith 
theatre has equal wager.
what to do is a question of politics and the action will be a timely 
answer, adequate or not; what to do it /for/ is one to which the 
untimely answer often comes last.
(I meant it as a question, but Johannes - thank you - drew attention to 
it as if it described a dilemma: do you not think that the (fantasy) 
world we are traversing in this discussion has some intention in posing 
itself as this particular (multiplicitous) dilemma? that this intention 
works for, in aid of, political ends? is it not being demanded of us by 
this world - in shriller and shriller performatives - that we feel and 
think in a certain way about that which happens, /das Geschehen/? that 
we indeed feel, think and act /with/ a politics we would, if we gave 
ourselves the choice, disavow?)

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