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I was in Buenos Aires last year. I think there were still family members
demonstrating at the plaza de <Mayo.

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> The Mothers of May started to walk round the plaza de Mayo, in Buenos
> Aires, silent, with huckles in their heads, carrying posters with the
> images of their missing children. It was in the 70:s. More than 30000
> people dissapeared in Argentina and Uruguay. Many were buried alive. Many
> were drugged and thrown from airplanes to río de la Plata.
> We are still finding old bones in hidden graves.
> Ana
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> Perhaps the most powerful form of symbolic space is the plaza, from
> Tienanmen Square to Tahir Square to Maidan (which is a Turkish word) to
> Damascus to Taksim Square in Istanbul, to cite a few relatively recent
> examples, the symbolic action most feared by governments. I wrote a poem
> about thirty years ago "Fatima's Winter" exactly on the idea of the square
> (attached to a tool) as a potentially revolutionary space. Participants to
> our dialogue at Empyre may be interested in it. Though published, the poem
> is not on line. I don't know whether I can include it within the the post
> or attach is as a document. The poem is a few pages.
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