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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Nov 24 08:18:29 EST 2014

dear all:
Rustom's deeply considered and intricate post was, and offered, a moment to relish, in a sense -- if one were permitted to say so, a moment to hold dear,  amongst all our round table participants, that is your deeply felt and considered contributions to a discussion that indeed, as Rustom tried through some of his interweavings and replies of others, has increasingly become more dialogue, more acutely sensitive to others' life experiences or locations and working positions from which they speak. thank you for your post, and Alan has already responded by scrutinizing the notion of 'performance' and of symbolic acts that have signifcant and palpable affect/effect. 

Also, Rustom commented on the nature of dialogue here, from here, from within and without this anxious time, and spotted me having felt overstretched (trying to catch the tones, voices and languages brought here, translating some when  I could, waiting for others perhaps to speak in their 'accents' [Murat's great reference to the necessary or possible resistance in poetry]), and yes, I was. And not even close am I now, to address Simon's critique of us not perhaps addressing the political questions that get close to the areas (which were in fact evoked, I thought, quite brilliantly, by Pia, Andreas, Christina, Ana, Alan, and others) at the core of  (of what Aneta brought up as biopolitics // necropoltics). 

>>[Fri Nov. 7]  My personal feeling today is -- to slow down, allow us to reflect and listen. I pondered the time, slowed-down, it takes to translate, especially when it is poetic writing, dramatic writing, as Ana notes.. And Olga told me she could barely post as she was traveling in the Ukraine. I mean to say, we are in not much of a rush. We have this month to talk to each other, figure a few things... >>

The slowing...... well?      I meant to say, after reading Erik's play, or re-calling some of the theatrical works, performances, exhibitions, films, video art and sounds which were offered here by all of you our contributors, that I would prefer to have more time to let them sink in...... at this point in my life, or at this point of facing up (what is there to be done "if the sky can still fall on our heads"), I want to know better what affects me, how I can be self-critical of my avoidances of shallow acceptances, of my own strange art making processes, the teaching or writing, or the research performances (and their lack of impact against all fabricated claims dished up to the corporate employers). Rustom, you told me you were going to have to travel to Calcutta to visit family, and I knew of others here (like Olga and Andreas, and I assume many others who write and read this forum) who were in transit, so my thanks to all who persisted, already for three weeks, to listen to a round table of this kind (and it can be questioned, this table; but not its un-obliging to "Terror [having] the potential to annihilate dialogue"!) 

In fact, I want to add, later, a tiny reflection on Abdel's strangely provocative exhibition "The Market from Here" (in Houston),  but first wish to suggest, in respect to Monika and her fervent defense of lamentation,
that more and more I have to think of Alan's repeated postings on facts of horror and violence, in this time and in past times (and, Rustom, in the future anterior), here, as a form of litany, a lament in itself.
I have avoided responding directly to Alan's persistent questions, but would do so if I knew the right way, for the antiphonal.  I wish to thank Alan for his persistence, during this November. 

Johannes Birringer

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