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Wed Nov 26 10:57:09 EST 2014

Dear All,

Not everyone on this list is going to be feasting on Thursday but I will 
offer best holiday wishes anyway.  In common we share pain about the 
state of the world, pain about the horrendous acts that are perpetrated, 
and, in common we seek ways to grapple in company with it all. I expect 
that we will all keep thinking, and writing, producing art and music and 
theater with wood or with algorithms because to do that is to affirm the 
value of emotion and thought in life and not just terror. Celebrate as 
well wherever you are!


  On 11/25/2014 6:07 PM, Johannes Birringer wrote:
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> Dear all
> This has been a truly amazing roundtable, in this month so far, most of you will agree, and the theme we had proposed was not a light one, but weighs heavily on us, it wears us down, That is also why I was delighted this morning when Aristita posted her long letter revisiting her upbringing and her experience of changes in her country during and after the years of dictatorship. I have asked  her to continue this thread, and tell us more about the current changes and how the people's communal will (creative power) forced change, as I see this in a close relationship to some of the questions we have asked. On the other hand I realise that communities can be divided, and this we must discuss as well, perhaps what happens in Ferguson, Missouri, and what happens in other communities, can be our reference, and must be our evidence, apart from the literature, history, and theory we might engage, the thought processes we propose, the anguish we express. Thanks Somja for joiningnus to
>   night, and I tend to think that this discussion has been rather uncontentious so far, surprisingly, so we must be able to work through contentious issues, or differences of approach as well, I look forward to that, and welcome it. I believe Alan has given us so much to grapple with, I expected there to be much response, so this is all good and necessary,
> Respectfully
> Johannes
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