[-empyre-] my exchange with Alan when I apologized for making him feel attacked

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 26 15:00:02 EST 2014

I've had excellent exchanges with Ana and Sonje back-channel; I think, at 
least for me, that dwelling has entangled and difficult boundaries, that 
discussion tends to blur into dream and the nightmare of burning cars and 
everything here, all over again, on the telly. Then it transforms into a 
repetitive compulsion, I wake up in the middle of the day or night for yet 
another narrative, always the same; it's as if the planet itself were 
suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, tunnel memories playing 
back, repeating the same performance. I want to ask again if anyone has 
reference to a humanistic or healing nihilism, can one begin within degree 
zero expectation or projection, so to speak, and find some comfort in 
thought or movement, as if in flight elsewhere -

On Wed, 26 Nov 2014, Ana Vald?s wrote:

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> I wanted to take my share of the people arguing with Alan and maybe
> contributing, unintentionelly, to his feeling of unease.
> "I listened to your laments and I felt a deep sympathy for you trying
> to heal us, to heal the world. Maybe that's what I feel we maybe
> forget trying to make a diagnose and applicate a remedy. We have been
> through. we discussed the terrible ways the Mesopotamian kings killed
> each other, or Dario blinding thousands of prisoners and letting only
> one of each hundred to keep an eye to be able to lead the others back
> to their country.
> Maybe the destine of Humanity is this, to die in the most horrible
> ways and the only relief we get are small pockets of happiness, when
> we compose, as you do, when we sing, when we write, when we laugh with
> our dear ones.
> I don't think of you as a nihilist, for me a nihilist is a cynical and
> resigned observer and you are definitely not a observer but one
> letting it's sould being engaged in the honest search for answers."
> This was my comment to him. I think that's the key, to find small
> pockets of happiness, to don't try to heal the world but to embrace
> the pain and the losses and the loneliness and the absurdity...
> Ana
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