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Wed Nov 26 17:36:06 EST 2014

On 26/11/14 17:00, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> to ask again if anyone has reference to a humanistic or healing 
> nihilism, can one begin within degree zero expectation or projection, 
> so to speak, and find some comfort in thought or movement, as if in 
> flight elsewhere - 
to feel something like being led into a trap by this question: when we 
have heard here from Japan where Nishida Kitarō made nothingness 
absolute - and in discussion with members of Minus Theatre too (a 
research group which involves immigrants to New Zealand who perform in 
their own languages) from China, Korea and Taiwan there is a persistent 
rebuttal of the /negativity/ of nothingness - and - given where this 
discussion here has turned on spatial particularities - an affirmation 
of space over time. Now, from the little I understand of the point of 
view which makes violence particular to a place and the point of view 
which makes violence a singularity in any place whatsoever, I would 
agree that these positions seem irreconcilable, and yet... this is not 
the irreconcilability of violent acts, or terrorism /tout court/, but of 
a singularity with a particularity.

(Minus Theatre starting using the different languages of individuals 
from different cultures - and places - because I was being selfish: it 
makes me feel good. It is like a music and at the same time overhearing 
a secret we weren't supposed to, an enigma. And we started doing this - 
rehearsing - because I said we need to bring together in the group all 
those things that makes us feel good - facing a singularity - that of 
potential human extinction - with the particularities of our individual 
powers - in performance.)


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