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William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 20:05:52 EST 2014

So much has been said here in what's been posted overthe last day and a half—incredibly intelligent posts—that I wonder if I can addanything of importance. Police brutality all over the world has concerned mefor a long time. I think of the concept of the hegemon and the abuses of elitepower groups time and again in different histories—Napoleonic France,  colonial Britainn America, colonial Spain in America,U.S. abuses, most recentlyin Ferguson. Oursymbolic treatment of these things here is important to me because I feel thatit can make some difference—large, small—a difference somewhere. I think againof context and what occurs to me is to mention that same essay I mentioned theother day, Walter Benjamin’s “The destructive character.” It’s availableonline, easy to find, two pages of symbolic action to the extent that text isaction. I wish I had more right now but I don’t. So just thanks. William
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