[-empyre-] gender war, mythic violence

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Nov 27 06:53:04 EST 2014

well, the discussion never went off track, as far as I am concerned.

and the more combustuous dialogues we had yesterday, around Alan's comments on violence, racial conflict, etc in Ferguson, Missouri, were most welcome, as we can perhaps look more intensely at the repercussions
of the within/without non-issue. The violence of war is within-without;    and Alan, I venture to say, you were "recruited" the last few days by the cameras and technological instruments of war (as I pointed out in my paraphrase of Judith Butler yesterday), you were 'constituted' by them.   

But did we not overlook something important, in grappling with war, physical violence, symbolic violence  (I agree much with Murat's last post here) and ISIS, namely what Sonja Leboš yesterday called "gender war":

<<Coming from Croatia, Balkan, I have a close experience of war. Not like US citizens, the experience of mediation of the terror via CNN or the body of one's son being sent in the body bag. I saw it in my own backyard. And have one conclusion on the war on Balkan: it was largely a gender war.>>

Can we explore, then, what that means, and what the means (space) of alteration would be? Spatial Justice?     Aristita made a start, following Monika. And Ana, just today, went into the same direction asking why the sexual, the erotic, is considered more "revulsive" and in greater need for censorship than violence..... How do we understand this?

And (remembering what Andreas, Simon, Reinhold, Christina and others have said about the "maintenance" of Law),  I'd like to pursue further my own memory of "The Market from Here," as a theatre of anthropology / sacred sociology, juxtaposed to my current useless experiments with dance holography – the HOLOSTAGE.  I had some very bad dreams (not having watched any news, not recruited in that sense) last night, following my readings of some of the posts here, and thinking about trance, missing and mutilated, bodies, the soldiers and police as ghosts, shamans of the blind country, finding their beach (as Taussig would say), between earth and water.

Johannes Birringer

ps. thanks William, for your insistence on "The Destructive Character" .........
cf. http://tomclarkblog.blogspot.de/2014/05/walter-benjamin-destructive-character.html

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