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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 29 11:56:30 EST 2014

On Fri, 28 Nov 2014, Ricky Ray wrote:

I wonder what this healing aspect of a "healing nihilism" refers 
to--healing what, and to what end? And where is the idea/feeling of 
needing to be healed coming from, how is it operating in/affecting one's 
day-to-day behavior? If there is a sense of brokenness behind it, what 
would dropping that perceptual filter, if only momentarily, do?

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------

Dropping perceptual filters is related to asking a neurotic not to be 
neurotic, etc.; the sense of brokenness becomes (as depression does) a 
dwelling, inert and familiar. Nihilism for me (there are many varieties 
and I'm interested in Nagajuna's refutation of logic in this regard) is 
the cicatrix of scorched earth, its inhering; healing would mean 
acceptance without anguish, so that I might proceed with a degree of 
acceptance. Buddhism doesn't work for me (nor does yoga or meditation), 
nonetheless I attend constantly. I greatly appreciate your dscription of 
your own processes; for me, I have to find another direction.

Thank you, Alan

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