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Dear all,

First off, many thanks to Soraya for convening such an exciting group of
new media artists and thinkers to dialogue with, and I am honored to be
part of this conversation at empyre. I apologize as I chose to receive
daily digests, and it has been difficult to follow the individual messages
to respond, although it has been a fun process of reading through in a
non-linear fashion! For now, I will send this post, as Soraya asked us to
share on a recent work and outline some of the individual and intellectual
stakes of the week's topic, and will move through the other threads, as I
am very much looking forward to the discussion.

A current project I am working on is a poetry machine, specifically a
Kimchi Poetry Machine that audibly plays feminist centered poetry upon
opening the glass jar. Powered by arduino and Ada fruit, the piece is part
of a larger series of my interests on the intersections of poetry,
technology, and participation.

Here is the link to the project page: www.kimchipoetryproject.com

& specifically the machine, http://www.kimchipoetryproject.com/machine.html

Although the project emerges very much from feminist and Korean American
history, poetics, and new media, I was and am very interested in how to
expand the idea of a Korean American or feminist poem via technology. I
asked several feminist poets to engage with the machine, by contributing
poems that I was able to program. Some of the poets identified as Korean
American and some did not, but all were invested in exploring a feminist
poetics via technology. I am also interested in how we can engage with
experimental and conceptual poetics as inclusive and not exclusive, and
dismantle boundaries of reader/writer, artist/audience etc.

Here are some video demos of the kimchi poetry machine I made with my
friend new media artist micha cárdenas for the Canadian feminist magazine,

I like to think of feminist praxis underlining the centrality of
participation and interaction in new media art & design. I would love to
hear more on how artists and thinkers are utilizing feminist praxis and
principles of participation in their new media artwork, along with poetics,
and issues of the Interstices of Identity.



Margaret Rhee, Ph.D.

Institute of American Cultures Visiting Researcher
Asian American Studies Center
University of California, Los Angeles.
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