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Dear Renate, Tim, dear empyreans,

thank you for the invitation to moderate the present discussion,
together with Ileana. Let me begin with a short summary of our most
recent activity surrounding the group kinema ikon:

Our current exhibiton projects, kinema ikon: serial and Wunderkammer,
are hosted at the the Arad Art Museum - where the group now has its
own exhibition space. In additon, since 2014 kinema ikon has been the
main organizer of the Media Art Festival Arad.

ki: serial
for the first season, the artists that were invited to produce the
episodes are younger members of kinema ikon, most of whom come from
the “KF realm” - KF is a coffee shop in Arad, and also an alternative
art space.

for the second season we invited one young Romanian curator / episode,
who then chose one or more artists associated with kinema ikon (in the
current discussion on -empyre- we have Diana Marincu, Horea Avram,
Ileana Selejan - curators for this past season)

episode 10: Masina Timpului (The Time Machine) concludes the second
season of kinema ikon’s Serial. I recently transferred to digital
several 16mm film rolls which I made in the 80s. The films are
pseudo-documentaries of artwork and exhibitions from that period. With
the passing of time, these imagines seem more like artworks in
themselves, just ripe to be recycled in a pataphysical context. During
the period when I was making exclusively interactive cd-rom and
net.art, I reasoned that the personal, intimate, (self)ironical,
should be replaced by a “professional,” cold, logical, sagacious, and
(self)ironical. Things have settled down a bit in the meantime, and my
attitude is more relaxed - although the self-irony has remained the
same. I even feel like I've kept my sense of humor ... the Time
Machine that I'm showing at the Arad Art Museum is thus an absurd
construction: the headlights project the films from the 80s, and in
the pilot's helmet, on a loop, is the recording of my heart
(photogenically altered). There's also 2 clocks attached - one 5
minutes ahead of time, hence pointing towards the future, and another
ticking backwards ... I'm not entirely sure what that is supposed to

(more images & info soon to come to revoltaire.net and kinema-ikon.net
- until then, latest news here:


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 3:22 PM, Timothy Conway Murray <tcm1 at cornell.edu> wrote:
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> Dear Ileana,
> It's been so great to enjoy your moderated discussion this month (which I
> have been reading when not sleeping!).  Congratulations on the launch of
> your and Calin's work this week.  I'M very interested to hear even more
> about Calin's time machine, and am wondering if he would have some time to
> say more about it while this month's discussion is still open. As I'Ve
> mentioned to you, Calin and I have had a wonderful curatorial relationship
> since the late '90s when I curated his marvelous CD-Rom, Das Wanderbuch,
> for my exhibition "Contact Zones: The Art of CD-Rom"
> (https://contactzones.cit.cornell.edu/artists/man.html).  Calin is one of
> the most inventive artists in Eastern Europe and I am delighted that your
> co-moderation of -empyre- this month has brought wider attention to his
> work.  Calin, might you have more to say something about how you
> understand your time machine in relation to the discussion that has
> unfolded this month?  Thanks so much, Tim
> Timothy Murray
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