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Hi Ana, writing *things, real or unreal, objects, living or unliving *is
part V of a seven part poem *The Structure of Escape*. Part IV* The
Spiritual Life of Replicants* is already published as a book by Talisman
House in the United States. Parts I, II and III-- "Prelude," "The
Disappearing Time" and "Steps"-- are relatively shorter. In entirety or in
fragments, they have appeared in print and on line.

As the title *Structure of Escape* suggests, the total poem is focused on,
more precisely obsessed with, the limits (the prison) the tools of
communications we adopt, particularly language, impose upon us. It explores
avenues of escape from it (for instance, Bresson's film *A Man Escaped* is
a recurring reference point in "The Disappearing Time") towards
subjectivities lying outside the limits of our own solipsism. *The
Structure* makes use, specifically, two poetic devices as avenues of
escape: A) the language of the poems has a strong visual dimension which
exploits the counter-space the page creates-- words/poems present
themselves simultaneously to the eye. The simultaneity undercuts the
logical/linear demands of the syntax which determines the imprisoning
solipsism of one's language (I explore this idea also in my essay *The
Peripheral Space of Photography*, Green Integer Press, 2003). These poems
can not be fully experienced only aurally because many contain/reveal a
dialectic counterpoint, a tension between the eye and the ear. B) Cadence,
rather than metrical sound patterns, determine the music of the poem, a
music that traces the process of thought as it occurs, rather than a music
of static statements involving pure sound. Movement creates thought.

I hope what I am describing makes sense to you. I would be happy to answer
any questions you, or others, may have. Much of what I am saying becomes
clearer if one reads *The Spiritual Life of Replicants* or my essays on the
poetics of "Eda," a number of which are available on line or in the
anthology *Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry* (Springfield:
Talisman House, 2004).

By the way, Green Integer has just republished my translation of the
Turkish poet Ece Ayhan's *A Blind Cat Black* *and Orthodoxies* which was
first published by Sun and Moon Press in 1997..


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>> Hi Ana, I am looking forward to your approach, In the present serial poem
>> I am writing *things, real or unreal, objects, living or unliving *I am
>> working along similar lines.
> Hi, Murat, can you give more info on the serial poem you mention?
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