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Dear Empyre community,

I apologize for interrupting discussion here with this note. I have been a
listener here for several years and I thought a lot of Empyre members might
be interested in this initiative, so sharing.

Attached and also pasted below, please find the Call for Participants for
an upcoming initiative of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at Penn
State. Please share broadly and please consider joining our listserv even
if visiting Happy Valley may not be feasible for you this spring.

Wishing you the best during the holidays,


Serap Erincin
Postdoctoral Scholar
Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Pennsylvania State University

*The Neurohumanities Salons: Call for Participants*

Over the past two decades, an increasing number of artistic, literary, and
scholarly projects have adapted cognitive and neurological approaches as
part of their methods of analysis and/or performance. Artists often
collaborate with scientists and humanities scholars whose work supports or
challenges their projects. Similarly, scholars in the sciences have been
looking to ground their work in philosophical questions that have
traditionally been the domain of the humanities. Researchers and artists
across the disciplines, now more than ever, are eager to think together in
looking for answers to questions about what makes us human. These questions
have formed the basis of the emerging field of neurohumanities.

In order to continue and foster this transdisciplinary dialogue and to
create a platform that opens up possibilities for crossdisciplinary
collaboration, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities will be hosting a
series of salons on The Neurohumanities, starting in February, 2016.

As Caroline Jones points out, since the late 1980s, “the cultural inquiry
into relations between the body and electronic technologies” has been
extensive(2006:1). While the initial focus of the salons will follow Jones’
assertion and focus on questions of the body in art and performance and
digital media, this is a broad call for all scholars and artists in
fields—ranging from, but not limited to, media studies, performance theory,
phenomenology, cognitive sciences, neuroscience, cultural studies, women’s
studies, sociology, neuropsychology, and sports medicine.

The salons will take place on a Friday evening every month in State College
and will spotlight the work of two guest artists or scholars, involve short
introductions, presentations, pitches, or performances (less than five
minutes) of project ideas and works-in-progress by participants, followed
by a broad but thematic discussion that all participants will contribute
to. These discussions will continue over a dedicated listserv that will be
open to wider contribution. One of the goals of this initiative is to put
together the intellectual and artistic output developed through these
salons in a book that will be compiled in 2017.

Please send a bio and short proposals (200-300 words) briefly explaining
your interest in the salon series to Serap Erincin at sze5121 at psu.edu byJanuary
29th, 2016. Please put “Neurohumanities Salons” on the subject of your

A small number of grants of up to $250 will be available for partial travel
support to participants not based at Penn State. Please include a short
note of your request to be considered for this travel grant with your

If you wish to only be a part of the Neurohumanities community through the
listserv discussion, please send an email with a request and put
“Neurohumanities Listserv” on the subject.

Please check our webpage for future updates:


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