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Jonathan, did you notice, incipiently, selfies have become a means of
modern branding. Many high fashion consumer companies of bags, tee shirts,
like Coach, Diesel, etc., etc, have made the *name* of their brand an
essential integrated part of its design, making its totally visible. This
was never the case, for instance, thirty years ago.

Personally, I go out of my way to find a cap with a logo nobody recognizes,
usually of a local construction company or a team to which I do not belong.
It is interesting how often I get asked what the specific brand the logo
represented or get a commen, such as, "aah! you are a Milwaukee fan."


On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 12:00 PM, Jonathan Schroeder <jesgla at rit.edu> wrote:

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> Mehita Iqani and I are working on the topic of selfies, focused largely on
> their role as practice as well as objects within contemporary consumer
> culture.  We have a paper in press, "#selfie: Digital self-portraits as
> commodity form and consumption practice" in which we argue that selfies are
> fascinating objects not only due to their explosion within the popular
> culture domain, but also in terms of how they allow us to think about modes
> of making public and claiming authenticity. As well as this, selfies are an
> intriguing empirical object because they combine questions of subject and
> object, as well as questions of identity, agency and power. Furthermore,
> turning to the selfie’s rapid uptake as a branding and marketing tool, the
> selfie reveals shifts in the traditional functions of the advertising
> photograph, from sources of information, persuasion and representation to
> emblems of social currency.
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