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In a recent paper, Henry Giroux excoriates much of selfie culture, particular in terms of how selfies are implicated in state surveillance and capitalist uses of selfies as data. However, he does leave room for potentially constructive uses of the selfie. 

He writes “The good news is that selfie culture can also be used to rewrite the relationship between the personal and the political, and in doing so expand the vibrancy of public discourse and work to prevent the collapse of public life. In this case, selfie culture moves away from the isolation and privatisation of neoliberal culture and further enables those individuals and groups working to create a formative critical culture that better enables the translation of private troubles into public issues and a further understanding of how public life affects private experiences. In contrast to the mainstream appropriation of selfie culture, this more empowering use of selfies becomes part of what might be called an emergent public dedicated to undermining what Alex Honneth has called ‘an abyss of failed sociality’. Selfie culture is not all of one piece and is emblematic of such a struggle. And at its best it becomes an act of empowerment
and a vehicle for social change.
Giroux, Henry A.  (2015) “Selfie Culture in the Age of Corporate and State Surveillance,” Third Text, 29:3, 155-164, DOI: 10.1080/09528822.2015.1082339

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