[-empyre-] A open call to our subscribers: Week 1: New Year/New Tools and Technologies

Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 4 12:41:26 AEDT 2015

 We are hoping that all of our subscribers, both active participants and
lurkers, will post a couple of times this month to share
your current work and what tools and or technologies you are using to that
end.  Some of you may be developing new apps or platforms where others of
you are pushing the boundaries of other tools  that are more ubiquitous.

Just this past week Google¹s CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at the world economic
forum in Switzerland exclaiming that ³The Internet is Dead.² Schmidt¹s
call was simply the assertion that the internet is so ubiquitous because
of the nature of networked things. Interfaces are and will become so
naturally integrated into our architectural and living environments
Schmidt stated. The critical question remains how will the rights and
privacy of individuals become impacted.


Ironically it was only seven years ago in 2008 that WIRED magazine
published an article entitled ³The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.²

A move away from the open search of the web to more enclosed and
prescriptive apps, music and movie services all driven by the ease and
impact of i-phone technology has enabled the web to become less important
asserted WIRED authors Chris Anderson and
Michael Wolff when they wrote: ³Sure, we¹ll always have Web pages. We
still have postcards and telegrams, don¹t we? But the centerOf interactive
media ‹ increasingly, the center of gravity of all media ‹is moving to a
post-HTML environment,² we promised nearly a decade and half ago.

"The examples of the time were a bit silly ‹ a ³3-D furry-muckers VR
space² and ³headlines sent to a pager² ‹ but the point was altogether
prescient: a glimpse of the machine-to-machine future that would be less
about browsing and more about getting.²

The internet has experienced dramatic changes since the beginning of its
inception as is the way of any of the technologies we have used in the
past or are currently using. Looking forward to hearing you.  It is a new
year.  Share you tools and technologies.

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