[-empyre-] A open call to our subscribers: Week 1: New Year/New Tools and Technologies

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 23:08:59 AEDT 2015

Dear Empyreans,
Just a couple of questions. First, Ben you've presented us with somereally interesting work, both yours and Grosser's. More generally, andpicking up also on what Murat's said, I was interested in your question"Is it a question a tools, or a question of contexts and conceptions?" Mystudies are based on literary theory and comparative literature and aes-thetivcs in general. I can't say a lot about the technical aspects of NewMedia and machine learning, so what you have to say is very welcome.But my first question is: Aren't concepts tools? As infants we spend lotsof times sucking our toes and thumbs, figuring out what things like armsand legs can do--forming concepts to put such things to work. Maybe I'mleaving out something you put into your long text. Second, you speak ofbeing less interested in using grounds (?) or objects from contexts likeFlickr due to "lack of constraint": I'd like to ask, Wouldn't lack of cons-traint add to the experimental features? Thanks for all this very welcomematerial. It seems to me like a great renewal of Empyre's discussions.Best wishes, William
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