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Hi Jason, 
I thought I would use Ben’s discussion on “cycles" to begin a new thread
this morning.  There was a great post in Hyperallergic a few months back
between Leila Nadir and yourself.  I am copying and pasting the URL here
for our readers:  

I’ve always been interested in the intersections between old media and new
media and how in my own creative practice they are integral to one
another.  In fact creatively they are co-dependent.  Tools and
technologies do cycle through stages of use but tools are more than tools
but instead platforms for idea generating and conceptual contemplation.  I
am wondering if you could talk about the residency program at Signal
Culture and the relationship visiting artists have had to old technologies
and innovating new ideas?

Hope you are keeping warm in Owego, New York this morning Jason.  For
those empyreans on the other side of the world Signal Culture’s
predecessor, ETC Experimental Television Center was  founded in 1971,
situated  in Owego, NY as well a small helmet in upstate New York.  ETC
closed shop in 2009 but during its years of operation, Ralph and Sherry
Hocking nurtured electronic and new media artist’s and researchers from
all over the world in a residency program as well.  Hope you can also talk
about the relationship between the Signal Culture and ETC especially in
regards to innovation.

Stay warm.  Renate


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On 2/6/15, 6:12 PM, "Renate Terese Ferro" <rferro at cornell.edu> wrote:

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>So glad to see Jason Bernagozzi responding to Ben and Murat¹s response.  I
>invited Ben to join us for the next couple of days just to share with us
>his own work and that of Signal Culture. http://signalculture.org/
>Welcome to the listserv Jason and we look forward to hearing more.
>Jason Bernagozzi is a video, sound and new media artist living and working
>in upstate New York and is the co-founder and chair of the board of
>directors of the experimental media arts non-profit Signal Culture. His
>work has been featured nationally and internationally at venues such as
>the European Media Arts Festival in Osnabruk, Germany, the LOOP Video Art
>Festival in Barcelona, Spain, the Beyond/In Western NY Biennial in
>Buffalo, NY, and the Yan Gerber International Arts Festival in Hebei
>Province, China. His work has received several awards including grants
>from the New York State Council for the Arts, Wavefarm and the ARTS
>Council for the Southern Finger Lakes. He is an Assistant Professor in
>Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College.
>http://www.signalculture.org <http://www.signalculture.org/>
>Renate Ferro
>Visiting Assistant Professor of Art,Cornell University
>Department of Art, Tjaden Hall Office:  306
>Ithaca, NY  14853
>Email:   <rferro at cornell.edu <mailto:rtf9 at cornell.edu>>
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