[-empyre-] Welcome to Week 2 on -empyre: New Year/New Tools and Technologies.

Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Sun Feb 8 14:55:28 AEDT 2015

Those who have been on -empyre soft-skinned space for a while will
recognize our next special guest, Tracey Benson. She was a member of the
moderating team from 2005 to 2007.  I am really looking forward to having
a conversation online.  It would be interesting to hear about what you
have been up to especially in regards to tools and technologies and gender
politics a thread that was carried over from  Ben Bogart and a
conversation that he began on the correlation of tools and their context
and cultural conceptions in the design.  Interesting first week but we are
looking forward to developing former threads and  introducing new ones.
Welcome Tracey.  For now I will say goodnight from the East coast of the
US while in Australia Tracey must be enjoying very warm summer weather and
a second cup of coffee.

Tracey Benson is a media artist, writer and researcher living in Canberra.
Her work explores notions of place through locative technologies,
photography, online writing and video. Her work has featured in many
international and national emerging media festivals since 1996. Tracey has
a MA from QUT, Creative Industries and a PhD from ANU, which explores
online environments and social impacts in the geo-physical world. Since
2007, she has co-organised the Canberra chapter of Dorkbot and is also
Secretary/Treasurer of NZ based organisation Intercreate. This
organisation brings together artists, scientists and Indigenous peoples to
focus on environmental challenges and sustainable solutions.


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