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maybe we need to lobby the app developers ... it is totally possible for
them to make their apps available on their own websites, as some already
do; probably it's not even very difficult ...

On 8/02/15 8:59 00PM, Tracey Benson wrote:
> Thanks Helen for your comments,
> Totally agree with you about having to go through Google play/iTunes.
> What I have found when working with audiences with AR is that many
> people find this a frustrating process, which for some people create a
> barrier to the work as they don't want to go through the process of
> finding the app in the store and installing. I also agree that many
> people, like you, would prefer to go to the website to get the app -
> it certainly is the way for tools like Open Office, GIMP and other
> FLOSS that I have downloaded to my laptop or desktop.
> I try and post semi regular updates on projects via my website if you
> want to keep up-to-date with developments regarding the Look both Ways
> project. You can either subscribe or look under 'opinion' tab.
> Cheers
> Tracey
> On 09/02/2015, at 3:48 AM, helen varley jamieson
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>> that sounds really interesting, tracey. i did a project last year
>> using an AR app called Zappar, which is similar to Aurasma, & also
>> not open source. it frustrates me that both of these apps (& lots of
>> others) are only available via google play or the apple store. we had
>> people come to our project last year who did not want to sign up to
>> google play & therefore could not access the work. i also don't want
>> to have to sign up to google in order to access free apps, & i don't
>> understand why app makers don't also make their apps downloadable
>> from their web sites for those of us who don't want to use google
>> play or app store. we are being forced into one or other system & i
>> would prefer that my work is accessible outside of these corporate
>> structures.
>> so i'm very interested to hear how things go with the new tool you
>> are developing :)
>> h : )
>> On 8/02/15 9:09 01AM, Tracey Benson wrote:
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>>> Hi everyone :-)
>>> Thank you Renate for the introduction and inviting me to participate
>>> in a conversation about tools and technologies.
>>> I use a range of software tools in my creative work and rely on a
>>> range of online tools to create interactive artworks. Over the last
>>> couple of years I have been exploring geo-locative and augmented
>>> reality tools to make artworks that can be viewable through hand
>>> held devices. An example is a series of augmented reality 'walks'
>>> recently created in Dunedin, Auckland and Copenhagen. I am currently
>>> using a tool called Aurasma which has its pros and cons, but
>>> generally a great tool to use. One of the cons is that it is only
>>> available on limited devices and I would like to work with software
>>> that is open source, free and accessible to any smart phone or
>>> tablet user. To this end, I am now working with a developer in
>>> Bangalore, who I met at a recent Ada Initiative ADACamp. Our plan is
>>> to create a tool for the purpose of creating an AR walk of Bangalore
>>> and our project is titled "Look both ways". We hope that by mid year
>>> we will have a pilot ready to test.
>>> There is a philosophy that drives my practice, which is focused on
>>> access . In short, I like to think about tools and technologies
>>> simply as creative mediums; and that like learning to paint or
>>> create a screen print, there is both a technical and a creative
>>> process to go through. I also use free tools where possible as I
>>> like the idea that anyone can make what I make - DIY. What I find
>>> frustrating with so much art that is driven by technology is that
>>> the technology limits the exchange between audience and artist; or
>>> that it assumes too much from the audience or it doesn't function
>>> efficiently. 
>>> In my day job as an online strategist, my focus is on engaging
>>> audiences with online tools, so accessibility in a technical and a
>>> social sense is essential. The goal of accessibility and engagement
>>> is pursued in a number of ways: by creating plain English content;
>>> offering translations of content; ensuring that websites are
>>> compliant with web standards; and trying to provide a consistent and
>>> responsive design screen sizes and hardware platforms. These goals
>>> are also considered in my creative work - e.g. access is a critical
>>> element to the AR walks. Each walk was created with a blog and a
>>> printed map, both of which could lead the viewer/audience through
>>> the work, even if not physically present.
>>> Renate, it is interesting that you mention gender politics as it is
>>> a topic that I don't actively think about or use as a subject in my
>>> creative work of late. Yes, I am a feminist, in true sense of the
>>> world, I unreservedly believe in social equity and social justice.
>>> Over recent years that conviction has played out in different ways,
>>> from being a trade union delegate and harassment officer in my
>>> workplace to increasingly working with Indigenous peoples and
>>> scientists on projects that focus on environmental justice and
>>> action. This is where the word 'access' resonates in a different way
>>> for me - in terms of people having access to fundamental
>>> infrastructure so they have clean water and renewable energy, let
>>> alone access to the online tools and technologies that so many of us
>>> take for granted. Over the past 5 or so years, I have been
>>> increasingly focused on some of these issues as a writer as well as
>>> working with Indigenous organisations to build their online presence
>>> so they can actively communicate with audiences and stakeholders. So
>>> whilst my work has not been directly dealing with feminist and
>>> women's issues per se, I find networks like the ADA Initiative
>>> inspiring as they are all about empowerment and building self
>>> confidence as well as providing a great community to network and
>>> collaborate. I am also in awe of many wonderful media artists,
>>> scientists and researchers, who are still yet to be catalogued in
>>> Wikipedia. I mention this as I met a mother and a daughter from
>>> Kerala and ADACamp who facilitate a Wikithon on International
>>> Women's Day to include entries on prominent women into Wikipedia.
>>> There are similar events planned all over the world for the
>>> forthcoming IWD. 
>>> I think I will stop there as I am at risk of writing a TLDR message
>>> (Too long didn't read)
>>> More soon.
>>> Cheers
>>> Tracey
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>>> Dr Tracey Benson
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>>> On 08/02/2015, at 2:55 PM, Renate Terese Ferro <rferro at cornell.edu
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>>>> Those who have been on -empyre soft-skinned space for a while will
>>>> recognize our next special guest, Tracey Benson. She was a member
>>>> of the
>>>> moderating team from 2005 to 2007.  I am really looking forward to
>>>> having
>>>> a conversation online.  It would be interesting to hear about what you
>>>> have been up to especially in regards to tools and technologies and
>>>> gender
>>>> politics a thread that was carried over from  Ben Bogart and a
>>>> conversation that he began on the correlation of tools and their
>>>> context
>>>> and cultural conceptions in the design.  Interesting first week but
>>>> we are
>>>> looking forward to developing former threads and  introducing new ones.
>>>> Welcome Tracey.  For now I will say goodnight from the East coast
>>>> of the
>>>> US while in Australia Tracey must be enjoying very warm summer
>>>> weather and
>>>> a second cup of coffee.
>>>> Tracey Benson is a media artist, writer and researcher living in
>>>> Canberra.
>>>> Her work explores notions of place through locative technologies,
>>>> photography, online writing and video. Her work has featured in many
>>>> international and national emerging media festivals since 1996.
>>>> Tracey has
>>>> a MA from QUT, Creative Industries and a PhD from ANU, which explores
>>>> online environments and social impacts in the geo-physical world. Since
>>>> 2007, she has co-organised the Canberra chapter of Dorkbot and is also
>>>> Secretary/Treasurer of NZ based organisation Intercreate. This
>>>> organisation brings together artists, scientists and Indigenous
>>>> peoples to
>>>> focus on environmental challenges and sustainable solutions.
>>>> http://www.byte-time.net/biography.html
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