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Dear Jason,
Glad you were able to switch your subscription out of DIGEST. Just a
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To get back to your post, I have found the link to LoVid¹s iparade
The project inherently presents two obvious barriers for us to think about
that Tracey and Helen talked about yesterday.
First, a viewer must have one of two mobile devices either an iphone or
Android,  second, they must sign in to itunes to download the app.

What complicates all this is that the physicality involved in viewing the
work helps to critically remind the user of its complications. The
physical site and the mobile image appear to be toggled to one another.
However, the physicality and scale of the surrounding environment haunts
the moving image.  The moving video delivered through the app on the
mobile dislocates from the image by the users gesture of moving the phone
around, physical holding or swiping the image.  Simultaneously the special
effect animations attempt to break free creating more tension that never
is quite resolved. 

Thanks so much for sharing this piece Jason.  I was not familiar with it
but am looking forward to sharing it with my students as we talk about the
history of the moving image and its relationship to immersion.  This piece
works against the immersive affect on the viewer, against the potential to
captivate or capture the viewer.  Instead of the viewer abandoning the
physical space she becomes more aware of her environment¹s relationship to
the screen. 

 There is so much more to talk about Jason. If you stay on with us when
you can through February please do.  I am looking forward to visiting
Signal Culture in Owego, NY soon.  It is only a short forty-minute drive
away from Cornell.  I hope that other -empyre subscribers will take a look
at the residency program as well. http://signalculture.org/

Off to shovel more snow.  Renate

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