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Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
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Thanks Tracey for explaining more about ³Fauxonomy.²  I find that
sometimes the most simplistic tools and technologies are the ones that are
most useful in dealing with the complex conceptual mechanisms that are at
play in every work.

You wrote: 
³Layar does use geolocation and Aurasma does too, but my work focuses on
Aurasma's "Natural image recognition" capability, which is why I can
recreate works for print publications and blogs - for examples check out

I took at look at your AURAS project. If you read my post to Jason you
will notice that he was showing me a project by LoVid.  Their iparade
appears to work in similar ways that AURAS does.  Tracey I am a newbie
with these technologies but I am about to embark on a project involving AR
and drawing. Over the past several years most of my projects have been in
video and audio compositing.  This discussion has been absolutely in
tandem with the issues that I am parsing out as I learn the difference
between the already existing tools that are out there. So thanks so much
for all the info.  Helen and Ben¹s work as well has been helpful.  There
are times when I wish ­empyre was not so networked virtually and that we
all lived just a little closer to one another.

I looked at ADA CAMP and they are holding one in Montreal, Canada in
April. It sounds like an interesting model and one that has similarities
with another group that I am newly affiliated with FEM TECHNET.
Fem Technet however convenes for the most part in virtual space. They too
are focused on issues involving gender equity especially in education.
Fem Technet and one of its founders Anne Balsamo have a huge initiative in
incorporating seminars on rewriting women lives on Wiki. She will be my
guest this month soon.

I will spend a bit of time with your blog btw.

My interests in learning AR stem from a drawing project I am beginning.
The piece has to do with the general idea of global warming and the
weather but is inspired by a pretty serious weather event that Tim and
were in the middle of last July.  The work will be large-scale drawings
with networked areas that viewers will have to seek out on their devices.
Those areas or hotspots will provide fun facts to know and tell about
weather, geographic location, global warming, etc. So the AR will animate
the still drawings.   The user will have to provide the movement with her
hand and eyes as she roams the surface of the drawing.

Jason is the one who recommended Layar to me but I will check out the
others that you mention. I understand your APP allows you to print
artifacts, postcards, etc.

Thanks Tracey for sharing with us your work.  If you have any time at all
to stay on with us even intermittently I would love it.

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