[-empyre-] old media cycles to new: Signal Culture and Jason Bernagozzi

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 20:56:46 AEDT 2015

Hi Empyreans.
I wonder about something here in Ben's post andthought it best to ask before the new topic comesup. Well, look, Ben wrote,
"A system is a set of components that interact. They need not be 
symbolic. A wind-mill is a system, is it symbolic? A person using a 
hammer to hit a nail is a system of a person, a hammer, a nail, and a 
thing the nail is hammered into, is that symbolic? I can see how these 
systems could be re-framed as representational: A wind-mill represents 
the wind-speed in the speed at which grain is ground; a nail's depth 
represents the degree of force applied to the hammer. This is all just 
simple causation. I'm not sure we can reduce symbolic representation to 
My observation is that just as in the hammer-nail system a personis included, so would a person be included in the wind-mill. To thatextent those systems are both symbolic. It seems to me that this isbasically the distinction between nature/culture. I believe I'm right insaying that human involvement is always already symbolic hencecultural. It could be that I'm erring somewhere in not focusing on thedistinction culture/technical, I don't know. Anyway I'm getting somereally good things on ideas of film use, computer use in this, sothanks for all. With best wishes, William
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