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Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Tue Feb 17 06:08:20 AEDT 2015

Anne so good of you to join us.
My affiliation with FemTechNet has been very rather recent attending my
first gathering in real space at New York University, your terrain, during
the late spring of 2014.  Through that meeting and workshop I experienced
the multi- networked capacities that FemTechNet
incorporates, so many tools and technologies that have enabled the
infrastructure of the group to realize its global initiatives.  Some of
these are evident on the website but there are latent technologies that
enable participants via interactive networks in virtual space to join
together to share common ideas and

The networked infrastructure of FemTech Net can be dizzying. This amebic
structure has a range of laudable accomplishments that have been realized
in its short history. The manifesto itself
Particularly this entry relates to our current discussion over the past
couple of weeks: 
FemTechNet understands that technologies are complex systems with
divergent values and cultural assumptions. We work to expand critical
literacies about the social and political implications of these systems.

I am hoping you would elaborate not only on a few of the DOCC¹s
pedagogical activities but also some of the important  logistical tools
and technologies that you have used to its supporting networked structure
of global participants.
Thanks. Renate

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